• File cabinet keys/locks

    Lock Repair, Installations and Replacement

Turn to The Locksmith Guys if you have any troubles with the locks of your file cabinet. Is the key missing? Did you insert the key in the lock to open the file cabinet but it won’t turn or unlock? These are signs of either lock or key problems. They happen every day and we handle them every day. So stop worrying and just drop us a ring. Whether you are in need of a locksmith to retrieve the key or check the lock, we’ll hurry to dispatch a specialist at the earliest moment convenient for you. Are you searching for replacement file cabinet keys? Don’t worry. The locksmiths are equipped with replacements that can be made to fit the lock of your file cabinet.

Do you want new file cabinet locks? This time will come when the existing locks are damaged, worn, or not reliable anymore. There might come a time when you’ll need a high security lock to protect valuable documents, money, or weapons at a police station, firm, law office, or home and the choices are plenty. Here at our company, we have a long experience in file cabinet locks of all types and go hand in hand with their technology. No matter which ones you want, they are installed correctly.