I wanted my daughter to have some better locks on her apartment door. Chris from the Locksmith Guys came out and showed us a variety of locks and helped us choose some sturdy deadbolts that really added security to the apartment. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, I'm happy and now we can sleep at night.

Nancy Wilson, USC/Los Angeles, Manager

The Locksmith Guys re-keyed our entire facility with more than 150 doors! What a job, they set up a master key system that allows us to control access to different areas with ease. I used to have a ring of over 128 different keys, it was such a headache, not anymore, I have 1 key that works all the locks. Thanks guys.

Shawn S., Westwood, Consultant

I love you guys! We have never felt more secure. We called you guys after we discovered some computers had been stolen from our office. You installed high security locks for us, they're great. I really like the key control, I don't have to worry about key copies being made without my permission.

Aaron P., Santa Monica, Designer